Offerings/ Angebote

What is seva?

All work or service we do is seva. Seva is mostly done in spiritual communities or places like an ashram. By doing seva you mostly support a community in daily duties like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, preparing a room for a guest, gardening, construction, painting, dish washing and much more.

Seva is selfless service. It is a central part of the path of Bhakti. Selfless service opens up the heart more and makes love flow, giving wholeheartedly without any expectation naturally opens the heart.

A stay at Shree Peetha Nilaya includes 5 hours of daily seva if staying more than 1 night.

As Swami said before that 'God is happy when we are happy because our happiness is His happiness, because we are a part of Him. And how we will make ourselves happy is through serving, through helping, because the greatest happiness is derived from serving.'


Do I need health insurance?

Make sure you are covered by health insurance for Germany.


How to get here by public transport?

- There is a bus station near our center. Go to www.bahn.com.

(As destination please enter: ‘Springen Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Heidenrod‘. Once you are in the bus to Springen, you can ask the driver to stop near “Bhakti Marga Zentrum”)

Please note that for the last bus leg from Kemel to Springen (and Springen to Kemel) you may need to call the bus company in advance (see note on www.bahn.com when you make your search).

In case you miss your bus you can call a taxi (see numbers below & keep them with you).

- Shuttle bus schedule from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Mainz: http://hahn.orn-online.de/busfahrplan_mainz.htm.

- Travel information from Mainz to Springen: http://www.rmv.de/en/.


How to get here by taxi?

For all those guests coming to the center via Frankfurt International Airport & Hahn Airport it is possible to take a taxi there.

For all those guests coming to the center from Wiesbaden or Bad Schwalbach we recommend you take one of the three local providers:

Taxi Taunusstein                               +49 (0) 6124 1 25 25 (up to 8 persons)

Taxi Giovanni Sostanza                   +49 (0) 163 82 99 00 (up to 8 persons)

Taxi Höhn                                           +49 (0)61243737 or 2222 (up to 8 persons).


How to get here by car sharing ?

http://www.mitfahrgelegenheit.de/  (official German carpooling center)